Energy Connectivity in Central Asia


Sustainable Energy

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01 Jun 2023

31 Mar 2025

15 May 2023


Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

Enhancing regional energy connectivity and energy trade through cooperation is a critical factor to improve the resiliency of the energy system and the energy security in Central Asia. An integrated and interconnected energy system, that encompasses electricity and gas grid, and is also compatible for transport and trade of low-carbon and green hydrogen, can help create a more reliable, affordable and sustainable energy supply and allow deep decarbonization as well as more effective integration of scaled renewable energy capacity into the energy system. Central Asia is a diverse region rich in natural resources and with vast potential to develop large scale renewable energy projects. However, despite a positive trend and increasing renewable energy capacity, the region still heavily depends on fossil fuels. Coal and natural gas still dominate regional electricity generation mix and will continue meeting increasing regional energy demand in a foreseeable future. There is a need to scale and integrate additional renewable energy capacity into the current energy systems effectively to improve the overall resiliency of the energy systems.