Water Convention Project



$ 4,467,116

01 Jan 2022

31 Dec 2024

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* The budget is presented based on the estimated needs in line with the current Programme of Work

The Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes (Water Convention) aims to protect and ensure the quantity, quality and sustainable use of these transboundary water resources by facilitating and promoting cooperation. The Convention was adopted in Helsinki on 17 March 1992 and entered into force on 6 October 1996. Water resources that cross political boundaries cover nearly half of the Earth's land surface and account for an estimated 60 per cent of global freshwater flow. They support the income and livelihood of millions of people, and play a crucial role for countless ecosystems. Therefore, cooperation on shared water resources is vital to secure peace and stability, economic development and growth, protection of natural resources and sustainable development.