Modernizing Statistical Production (Phase 4) - ensuite E331



$ 470,000

01 Jan 2024

31 Dec 2026

04 Dec 2023 Excom session 131

Group of Sponsors

UNECE member States

The objective of the project is to strengthen the capacities of statistical organisations to modernise their statistical production. The modernisation and innovation have become critically important as the pace of change in the data environment accelerating every year. The need to monitor and respond to increasingly complex issues that current society face has led to an increase in the demand for timelier and disaggregated official statistics, as well as new data products. As many statistical organisations adopt new data sources such as administrative data and various forms of big data to meet evolving user needs, this subsequently gives rise to additional challenges pertaining to analysis methods, data access, data integration, ethical use and privacy protection. At the same time, the growing competition with other data providers requires statistical organizations to improve communication of statistical products while advocating the value of official statistics and promoting their brand as a trusted data provider. The project aims to pool together resources and jointly develop models, tools, and frameworks that are needed to address these challenges for the modernisation of official statistics