Food-Water-Energy nexus support to post-COVID-19 recovery in Eastern Europe, Western Balkans, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa


Sustainable Energy

$ 451,000

01 Jan 2022

31 Dec 2025

24 Dec 2021

UN regular Budget

Albania, Belarus, Algeria, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Namibia, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Montenegro

The proposed project aims to develop a sustainable and integrated management approach interconnecting the food, water and energy nexus and helping to manage the impact of the Covid-19 situation. More specifically, the project will assist the beneficiary countries to identify and develop best practices and measures to apply a cross-cutting nexus approach to food systems, water and energy management. The project is designed to strengthen natural resource management by harnessing the interlinkages of food-energy-water nexus to provide targeted assistance to selected beneficiary countries and promoting multilateral cooperation at national, regional and inter-regional levels for socio-economic recovery ecosystem restoration and resilience building in rural and urban settings.