Safe helmets for Rwanda: building institutional capacity to support local manufacturing of helmets



$ 88,275

01 Nov 2021

31 Dec 2024

16 Dec 2021

UNDP MPTF (Multi-Partner Trust Fund)


The objective of the project is to build institutional national capacity to support local manufacturing of helmets beginning with installation of necessary equipment for helmet testing in the Rwanda Standards Board (RSB). The project will illustrate the potential benefits of achieving proof of concept of a motorcycle helmet ‘Made in Rwanda’ solution that will build academic capacity, generate a new revenue source, promote African independence from foreign imports while saving lives and preventing injuries. Currently no helmet standard is required by the RSB because it lacks the equipment and expertise needed to perform impact testing of helmets sold in the country. Independent lab impact testing of various helmets purchased in Kigali found them to fail catastrophically, unable to mitigate forces that have been shown to induce serious head injuries. Powered two-wheeler (PTW) crashes cause 28% of global Road Traffic Injuries (World Health Organization, Global Status Report on Road Safety, 2018). They make up over half of the registered vehicle fleet in Rwanda and they are involved in road deaths three times more often than any other vehicle. Properly used, certified motorcycle helmets reduce the risk of severe head injury by 69% and death by 42% (UN Regulation No. 22, 05 series of amendments (UN R.22.05) Annexed to the 1958 Agreement).