Road Safety Phase VII


Office of the Executive Secretary

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01 Jan 2022

31 Dec 2024

16 Dec 2021

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UN member States

In August 2021, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres extended the mandate of the Special Envoy until end of 2023. The specific tasks of the Special Envoy will remain the same: (i) promoting a global partnership to support the design and implementation of strategies and activities to improve road safety and explore the opportunities to set up a UN Road Safety Trust Fund; (ii) advocating with governments, civil society and the private sector for the promotion of road safety, particularly in countries with a high level of road fatalities and injuries; (iii) participating in global and regional conferences and meetings on road safety; (iv) advocating for the accession to, and the more effective implementation of United Nations road safety legal instruments. The Secretariat to the Special Envoy, hosted by UNECE since 2015, has supported the participation of the Special Envoy in global and regional conferences and meetings on road safety, development of information and materials about the United Nations road safety legal instruments as well as providing technical assistance upon requests of the UN Member States. Phase VII will continue to coordinate regional and national workshops in developing countries (online platforms, if needed), to support the implementation of Global Plan for the Second Decade, to promote the accession to, and the improved implementation of the UN Road Safety legal agreements, and to mobilize political as a new decade begins towards 2030. In addition, Phase VII will support the efforts United Nations Road Safety Fund (UNRSTF) to raise awareness about its activities and to encourage financial contributions.