Improving the knowledge and increasing uptake of CTU Code (safe loading and securing of cargo in containers)



$ 311,000

01 Sep 2021

30 Sep 2024

08 Jul 2021

Russian Federation

Central Asia, Eastern Europe, The Caucasus

The objective of the project is to improve the knowledge and to increase uptake of CTU Code (effective implementation of the loading and packing practices) by the transport professionals and logistics industry in the target countries as well as support necessary updates to the Code. The project is to improve the practice of packing and loading cargo in containers. It is to support the update of the CTU Code, with special attention to loading practices designated for cargo transport in containers by railways. It is also to support better uptake of the CTU Code by the logistics industry and contribute to preparing a digital version in a form of a mobile app displaying packing and loading practices. The further elaboration of the practices and their uptake will help decrease the number of incidents happening due to inappropriate cargo packing and so prevent injuries and fatalities whether during transport (road, rail, maritime) or at terminals during unloading or unpacking. This will also help prevent loss of money by the industry due to those incidents.