Implementing UN Development System Reform: Strengthening communication, information dissemination and knowledge management of the Regional Collaborative Platform (RCP) for Europe and Centra Asia


Office of the Executive Secretary

$ 27,000

01 Jul 2021

30 Jun 2026

08 Jul 2021

Group of Sponsors

UNECE member States

The project aims to improve collaboration and communication of the UN system in Europe and Central Asia to support member States in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This would be achieved by strengthening the capacity of the Regional Collaborative Platform (RCP) for Europe and Central Asia to jointly communicate and disseminate up-to-date information about its priorities, activities, and support offers to governments, RCs and UNCTs, and other stakeholders, including with regard to its Issue-based Coalitions (IBCs) and other thematic interagency groups, through the creation of a stand-alone website. The RCP was formally established in December 2020 as the main UN interagency platform for collaboration and coordination at the regional level in the context of UNDS reform. It is chaired by the Deputy Secretary-General, with the UNECE Executive Secretary and the UNDP Regional Director serving as Vice-Chairs. A joint, stand-alone RCP website will provide the platform for the regional knowledge management hub that is developed in line with UNDS reform, with access to a search tool for UN documents, based on the ESCWA MANARA system, and to the knowledge products and thematic expertise of the regional Issue-based Coalitions and thematic groups, enhancing access of UNECE member States to UN system knowledge and expertise at the regional level through a consolidated online entry point. The joint website will also help facilitate internal collaboration between the agencies and feature relevant content and information on substantive, advocacy and operational activities.