Accelerating the transition towards a Circular Economy in the ECE region


Economic cooperation and integration

$ 549,000

01 Jan 2021

31 Dec 2024

31 Dec 2020

UN regular Budget

UNECE member States

The proposed project will support selected beneficiary countries in accelerating the transition to the Circular Economy in selected priority areas and will thus support them in building-back-better after the pandemic. At the same time, it is far from clear at the time of writing when the pandemic will be brought under control and when the restrictions imposed to fight it will be fully lifted. This introduces a measure of risk into the planning of the project, which will have to be contained through appropriate mitigation measures. In particular, it is unclear to what extent travel to beneficiary countries will be possible during the early stage of the project. Provisions will therefore be made to replace physical in-country activities with virtual meetings and content delivery as appropriate.