Project title: Building a road safety culture among private sector


Office of the Executive Secretary

$ 55,600

01 Jul 2023

31 Dec 2024

06 Jul 2023

S&P Global Inc.

UN member States

The issue of global road safety is a crucial aspect of development that impacts 1.3 million people who die on the roads annually and an additional 20-50 million people who suffer injuries or disabilities.

The United Nations appointed a Special Envoy for Road Safety in 2015, whose role is to advocate for road safety at the highest political levels, engage with governments, civil society, and the private sector, and promote innovative solutions to improve road safety outcomes worldwide. One of the key strategies of the Special Envoy is to engage the private sector in addressing road safety challenges. The private sector can play an essential role in improving road safety outcomes by developing and implementing innovative technologies and solutions that address the root causes of road accidents. The objective if this project is to increase engagement of private sector on the issue of road safety. The S&P Global Inc. will support initiatives currently being implemented by the Special Envoy for Road Safety and add the voices of private sector.