Strengthening national capacities to reduce coal mine methane emissions from active (CMM) and abandoned (AMM) coal mines and to measure and manage methane emissions across the natural gas value chain


Sustainable Energy

$ 249,500

01 Aug 2023

31 Dec 2024

06 Jul 2023 Excom session 129


UNECE member States, UN member States

The objective of the project is to develop and disseminate technical resources on best practices in monitoring, reporting, verifying, (MRV) and mitigating methane emissions from coal mines and natural gas systems. It aims to increase capacity of member States and the private sector to apply best practices in methane management (MRV and mitigation) from the above-mentioned sectors. These goals are to be achieved by raising awareness of the potential for methane emissions reductions in the targeted industries, highlighting the importance of methane mitigation, providing support to activities undertaken by the UNECE Group of Experts (GoE) on CMM and Just Transition’s Taskforce on Methane Emission Reduction, organizing meetings and/or workshops on methane monitoring and mitigation, promoting methane-oriented activities of UNECE and the Global Methane Initiative (GMI) and disseminating resources on that matter that the two organization have jointly developed over the years.