Equitable access to water and sanitation services for all and in all settings and strengthened climate-resilience in the water and sanitation sector



$ 500,000

01 Jan 2023

31 Dec 2026

30 Dec 2022

UN regular Budget

Kazakhstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Montenegro

The objective of the project is to strengthen the capacity of policymakers and water and wastewater operators in target countries in the UNECE region to develop and implement policies and measures aimed at ensuring equitable access to climate-resilient water, sanitation and hygiene services for inclusive COVID-19 recovery and enhanced resilience in the water and sanitation sector. The project seeks to address diverse challenges in an integrated manner and combines an equity lens with a focus on climate change resilience in the WASH sector. Additionally, the project is designed with a human rights approach and will contribute to the progressive realization of the human rights to safe drinking water and sanitation. The project further integrates a gender perspective, which is indispensable to ensure that WASH services are adequate and acceptable for all users and do not contribute to the preparation of discriminatory practices.