UNECE Ageing Policies Database


Housing, land management and population

$ 159,400

01 Dec 2022

31 Dec 2027

30 Nov 2022

Group of Sponsors

UNECE member States

The project objective is to improve the capacity of policymakers to develop policy responses to the challenges of longevity and population ageing, by providing easy access to examples of ageing policy across the UNECE region through a searchable web-based database. The proposed ageing policies database will support the UNECE Standing Working Group on Ageing (SWGA) in its aim to help all countries in the UNECE region to mainstream ageing in their policy and regulatory frameworks, adjust to demographic change, and create an environment that is conducive to the full realisation of the individual and societal potential of longevity. It will provide a “one-stop-shop” on ageing-related public policies in the UNECE region. It will allow users to search for information by country, by policy domain and by policy instrument. The database will include strategies, action plans and interventions on ageing and demographic security, as well as broader policy strategies in which ageing has been mainstreamed, including in the areas of sustainable development, gender equality, poverty prevention, and sectoral strategies on employment, education, digitalisation, family, health, transport, energy, housing, and social protection, among others. Specifically, it will support member States in addressing the goals and objectives of the 2022 Rome Ministerial Declaration through enhanced access to information on related policy developments in the region.