Strengthening Georgia’s food and energy resilience (UNECE component of the Joint SDG Fund Development Emergency Modality – Response to the Global Crisis on Food, Energy, Finance project in Georgia)


Sustainable Energy

$ 59,920

01 Jul 2022

31 Mar 2023

08 Jul 2022



The objective of the UNECE component of the project is enhanced capacity of small business to introduce energy efficiency measures in rural areas and improved knowledge of national stakeholders on energy efficient solutions for small businesses in rural areas. The overall objective of the joint project is strengthening Georgia’s resilience to food and energy crises and protection of the livelihoods of those most vulnerable to the impact of these crises. This will be attained by coordinated support, having outcomes: (1) Strengthened systemic capacity of the Government of Georgia to conduct and make use of sound data collection and analysis for designing effective food and energy crisis mitigation responses; and (2) Improved access of vulnerable people to the food they need and sustainable, affordable energy sources. Georgia is planning to seek food security and self-reliance through domestic production. This strategy requires a clear understanding of agricultural production and its potential for growth in the short-term. Unfortunately, information currently available to policymakers is unreliable for this purpose and needs to be improved.  Significant energy price increases are having a negative impact on production capabilities and costs for producers, especially from rural areas. They, consequently, may result in the weakening of the competitiveness of these producers and increasing their vulnerability. Reducing energy consumption can be achieved by improving the efficiency of food production. Food producers and processors can ensure food safety while being energy-wise and reducing their carbon footprint. This project is part of a Joint SDG Fund Development Emergency Modality – Response to the Global Crisis on Food, Energy, Finance to be implemented in Georgia. This project is implemented jointly by UNECE with UNDP (lead agency), FAO, and ILO under the overall coordination of the Resident Coordinator Office in Georgia.