Inter-regional cooperation for the implementation of the New Urban Agenda 


Housing, land management and population

$ 107,412

01 Jan 2020

31 May 2023

27 Dec 2019

UN regular Budget

Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Jordan, Cambodia, Morocco, Philippines

The DA12 project on Interregional Cooperation for the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda (2020-2023) has a significant potential to support the development of urban policies and action plans in target countries responsive to communicable diseases outbreaks. While this project will not be able to respond to immediate requests of cities during the COVID19 outbreak, it has strong emphasis on building future resilience to shocks and stresses and redesigning urban policies and action plans that can capitalize on the lessons learned from the COVID19 crisis. The project would contribute to long-term development strategies, using SDGs and NUA as a framework. The project offers an opportunity to explore and deepen our understanding of urban planning dimensions of pandemic preparedness. The project focuses on policy integration, namely cross-sectoral (horizontal) and national-subnational-local (vertical) integration to strengthen policy coherence for sustainable urban development.